Diploma, Jindo

Bucky is a brand new Champion of Poland!

Great news to start the week.
Bucky [
BOKSIL OF Yuukitohokori (FCI)] received his new diploma and is now officially the brand new
💥Champion of Poland💥

Way to go Bucky!🥰

Diploma, Jindo, Shikoku

Polish TOP DOG 2022

As every year, we took part in the show ranking “Polish TOP DOG” to summarize the achievements of our dogs and as always we are very proud of them!

BokSil of Yuukitohokori aka Bucky
He took part in 14 shows in 2022 and won titles:

  • Polish Junior Champion
  • Youth Club Winner ’22
  • Poland Winner Kielce ’22

and thanks to this he won the first place in the ranking in the breed!

Bomi of Noryeong Sanmaek
She took part in 8 shows in 2022 and won titles:

  • Champion of Poland
  • Polish TOP DOG ’22 Korea Jindo Dog #2

this year Bomi was ranked second in the ranking just behind her son~

Toshiya-Gaia v.d. Egmato
He took part in 13 shows in 2022 and won the title:

  • Poland Winner Kielce ’22

and stood on the podium:

  • Best Of Group I
  • 2 x Best Of Group II 
  • Best Of Group IV

which gave him the first place in the ranking among 9 entered Shikoku!

Diploma, Jindo, Shiba, Shikoku

Polish TOP DOG 2021

We are very proud of our dogs and their fantastic results of the ranking from last year’s show season 🥰🐾
🧡 Bomi of Noryeong Sanmaek 🧡
🎉Polish TOP DOG Korea Jindo Dog #1
🤍 Taesan 🤍
🎉Polish TOP DOG Korea Jindo Dog #2
🧡 Ashimari No Hanabi Go Yuukitohokori 🧡
🎉Polish TOP DOG Shiba #7
(Hanabi was shown in the minor puppy and puppy class)
🤎 Toshiya-Gaia v.d. Egmato 🤎
🎉Polish TOP DOG Shikoku #1
🎉Polish TOP DOG in FCI Group V #2