♂ Enjo Aka Czech Jakobin

Shinya is retired from breeding and showing and enjoys life as our pet and the best uncle to all the puppies.🥰

Registered Name: Enjo Aka Czech Jakobin
Call Name: Shinya (after Dir En Grey’s drummer)
Date and birth country: 2.07.2015, Czech Republic

MotherXena Kuro Czech Jakobin (JChCZ ChRO ChSK ChPL ChCZ GrChRO GrChCZ ClubCh Interchampion)
FatherYusei Go Shun’You Kensha (JChPL ChPL, CACIB, BISII 2011, BIS Junior 2010, BIG 2010, BISIII 2010, Czech Club Winner 2011, BOB)
Colour: red sesame
Height: 40 cm
Genotype: Aysat  E/E, S/S, L/L (does not carry cream and long coat)
Pedigree Database: shibapedigree.com


  • GM1: N/N (free of gangliosidosis type I)
  • HD-A (free of hip dysplasia)
  • ED 0/0 (free of elbow dysplasia)
  • PRA: clear (free of hereditary progressive retinal atrophy)
  • Thyroid: in norm
  • MyDogDNA genetic test –done


started Polish Junior Champion
Champion of Poland
started Interchampion
Polish TOP DOG 2017 Shiba #18
BOB Junior
3x BOS

A few words from me…
Shinya is a dog who knows what he wants, has a plan for all occasions, the most on how to steal food 😉 He likes to cuddle but does not like too much tenderness, prefers to lie on the bed and watch the family from a suitable distance. It doesn’t matter if he stays at home for an hour or all day, the most important thing is that he can sleep comfortably on the bed. During walks, he tracks lizards and other field animals and does it quite fiercely. Shinya loves people, cats, is gentle to children, but he does not love other dogs 😀 but on the other hand, he is the best uncle for the puppies in our kennel 🥰

Shinya never felt comfortable at dog shows, so he retired from showing.



Junior Class:
Excellent mark
Place 1
Junior Winner
Best Junior

Intermediate Class:
4 x Excellent mark

4 x Place 1
2 x Best Adult Dog
2 x CAC
Best of Opposite Sex

Open Class:
2 x Excellent mark
2 x Place 1
Best Adult Dog
2 x CAC
Best Of Breed
Best of Opposite Sex

Champion Class:
3 x Excellent mark
Place 1
Best Adult Dog
Best of Opposite Sex

From judges: dog in excellent condition, perfect in proportions, very beautiful head, excellent top and bottom line of the back, well-worn tail, expressive eyes, good posture of the front and rear legs, good coat structure, good psyche.

Son, Grandson and great-grandson of many beautiful multichampions, Interchampions and Club Winners: D’Kurohana Mika Zatoka Snu from Czech Republic, Fallscreek’s Akira Bi from USA, Hi-Jinx Mmm Mmm Good from USA, Kaiou Go Ryuukyuu Uruma from Japan, Xena Kuro Czech Jakobin from Czech Republic & Yusei Go Shun’You Kensha from Spain.