♀ Fukamaru Go Yuukitohokori (FCI)

Registered Name: FUKAMARU GO Yuukitohokori (FCI)
Call Name: Winky (House Elf who served Barty Crouch Sr. – Harry Potter)
Date and birth country: 30.12.2023, Poland

Mother: Ashimari No Hanabi Go Yuukitohokori (FCI)
Father: Akai Hana Aki Taro (ChPL)
Colour: black & tan
Genotype: ata
Pedigree Databaseshibapedigree.com 

Our keeper from the litter “Friends Will Be Friends“~

8 weeks


  • GM1
  • HD
  • ED
  • PL
  • Thyroid:
  • DNA Profile – 
  • Embark genetic test – 
fot: Aleksandra Doroszko | 8 weeks

A few words from me…
Winky is the daughter of my beloved soulmate Hanabi, she is a very positive and open girl who sees no boundaries 😂 As the only girl in the litter, she was able to cope perfectly with 4 brothers, which is why she is a cunning fox 🦊 
She is still a little puppy we are watching, but we hope she will grow into a beautiful black and tan Shiba.😊


Winky is the daughter of our wonderful Hanabi [ASHIMARI NO HANABI GO Yuukitohokori (FCI)], granddaughter of our precious Yumi [Yumi Is So Sweet de Templo Amatsu Kami] and great-granddaughter of beautiful Kishi [Merkulov Kishi Rai]. 
Her father is the handsome Polish Champion Dobi [Akai Hana AKI TARO], who runs a line of pure Japanese dogs. His mother, Shunshuu Gouhime Go Fukaya Shunshuusou, is a double NIPPO winner.