♂ Gorubatto Go Yuukitohokori (FCI)

Registered Name: GORUBATTO GO Yuukitohokori (FCI)
Call Name: Rocket (after the raccoon from MARVEL’s Guardians of the Galaxy)
Date and birth country: 9.05.2024, Poland🇵🇱

Mother: Bachata de Templo Amatsu Kami (IMP ES🇪🇸)
Father: Sakiro du Bois de Compiègne (IMP FR🇫🇷)
Colour: black and tan
Genotype: atat
Pedigree Database: shibapedigree.com

Our keeper from the litter „Gimme More„~

7 weeks old


  • GM1
  • HD
  • ED
  • PL
  • Thyroid:
  • DNA Profile – 
  • Embark genetic test
6 weeks old

A few words from me…
What I can say about this boy at the moment is that he is of strong build, a calm puppy who has his own world. He is not interested in strong and stupid games, although he has his own opinions.🦊
This is one of those puppies that doesn’t stand out in the crowd because of its loudness.

He is the first male Shiba to stay with us and I am very excited about his development.😇🖤


Rocket is the son of our Nakia [Bachata de Templo Amatsu Kami], who comes from the most famous line of sesame Shibas [after the famous Jack Sparrow de l’Empire des Samouraïs] and is a descendant of the very successful Hakir [Hakir Beskerm].
His father is the beautiful Sasaki [Sakiro du Bois de Compiegne] in whose veins the blood of many wonderful representatives of the breed flows, such as the very famous Maru [Fukushoumaru Go Sapporo Kagasou].